Kiev is an interesting historic beautiful city. Here you can find a lot of must see places. We are offer to visit some city tours for maximize the spirit of the city and its life. Please ask cost of excursions and availability at the reception. It is desirable that you inform reception team about the desire to visit the city tour in advance, because some trips are made only on request.

                                                                                                       Kiev sightseeing tour

by car or bus, duration 3-4 hours. You will visit 3 historic districts of Kiev: Upper Town, Podol, Pechersk.





The old streets of Podol                                                                                          

Podol is the most interesting district of Kiev. There is still preserved the old spirit of Kiev, as well as three-quarters of all the attractions of the city's architecture. Back in the old days Podol inhabited mainly artisans, merchants and sailors. Here was trade fairs atmosphere and rustled ships were built. Here was build the first Kiev pharmacy, mill, water, electricity, higher educational institution of the city.

The features of this area of Kiev are narrow streets with low cozy buildings, mysterious romantic courtyards, churches of different epochs and religions.

On excursion you will see the Kyivo-MogylanskaAcademy, Kontraktova ploscha (monument of G. Skovoroda, Contract House, Seating yard), "Samson" fountain, the Church of Pirogoschi Monastery, Nikolsko-Pritiska church and so on.


Duration: 2 - 2,5 hours.





Mystic of Andrew`s descent                                                                                   

During the tour you will see:

• Castle Hill, with its mysterious, sometimes eerie history.

• Andrew's descent with its colorful inhabitants and unusual houses.

• Starokyivska mountain - the birthplace of Kiev, hides a huge treasure.

• The mysterious Devil's burden.


Duration 2-3 hours.






Mansions of Pechersk                 

Pechersk is the old district of Kiev, combining the remains former luxury 18-19th century with massive buildings of the Soviet era, a favorite place of all time and the nobility mansions, which have become iconic for Kiev.

During the tour you will see the preserved mansions ages 19-20, learn about the lives of people who lived in them, and also about the current plight of these unusual buildings. Among them are such architectural gems as the House of the Weeping Widow, House with Chimeras, Arabic house mansion, Uvarovoy Countess, with its gold and silver halls and much more.

You can order this excursion in the form of a quest!


Duration 2-2,5 hours.





Evening tour to Kiev fortess                                                                                        




Boiling potions lessons in the old pharmacy

We invite you on an unusual tour in the ancient Kiev pharmacy. You will see the doctor's office, the alchemist's laboratory, monk's cell, where prayers were treated, and the house of the wise woman with herbs from the ceiling. Then you waiting for a real master class in Potions, where you not only learn the history of herbal tea, but also learn all the subtleties of cooking themselves experience the power of this miracle drink!


Duration 2-2,5 hours.





Excursion to the factory of Christmas toys

During the excursion you will see the gradual creation of a Christmas toy from blowing up the form to drawing it by the artist. After the excursion you will have free time that can be spent on the purchase of handmade fir-tree toys.


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